Minority Report Coming to Blu-ray!!

Paramout Home Entertainment has announced the film ‘Minority Report’ will be coming to Blu-ray on April 20. The film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise has been an all time fan favorite and to many is one of the most anticipated titles. Check below for the supplements.

Disc Features

  • Deconstructing Minority Report (Carried Over from DVD)
  • ILM and Minority Report (Carried Over from DVD)
  • From Story to Screen (Carried Over from DVD)
  • Storyboard Sequences (Carried Over from DVD)
  • The Stunts of Minority Report (Carried Over from DVD)
  • Production Concepts (Carried Over from DVD)
  • Final Report (Carried Over from DVD)
  • Trailers (Carried Over from DVD)
  • The Future According to Steven Spielberg (NEW in HD)
  • Inside The World of Precrime (NEW in HD)
  • Phillip K. Dick, Steven Spielberg and Minority Report (NEW in HD)
  • Minority Report: Future Realized (NEW in HD)
  • Minority Report: Props of the Future (NEW in HD)
  • Highlights from Minority Report: From the Set: “The Hoverpack Sequence” & “The Car Factory Sequence” (Both NEW in HD)
  • Minority Report: Commercials of the Future (in HD)
  • Previz Sequences: “The Hoverpack Sequence Previz” & “Maglev Chase Previz” (Both NEW in HD)