War of the Worlds Announced!

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced ‘War of the Worlds’ to be released on Blu-ray on June 1st.   After a 5 year hiatus from the theatrical release this should be a well received and much anticipated Blu-ray. The Spielberg/Cruise team in War of the Worlds created a special effects masterpiece that will be savored and enjoyed by sci-fi lovers and movie aficionados alike. Despite the ever present and constantly evolving controversy surrounding Tom Cruise, his body of work transcends his Scientology backlash. He plays the character of Ray Ferrier with a perfect blend of wry wit and sarcasm coupled with his intelligent take on the modern day action hero. This will be a day 1 purchase here.

Disc Features

  • Steven Spielberg and the Original War of the Worlds
  • Designing the Enemy: Tripods and Aliens
  • Revisiting the Invasion
  • Production Diaries
  • The H.G. Wells Legacy
  • Characters: The Family Unit
  • Pre-visualization
  • We Are Not Alone
  • Scoring War of the Worlds
  • Galleries
  • HD Theatrical Teaser Trailer