The Illusionist Coming on Blu-ray

20th Century Fox in a formal announcement has revealed its intention to release its 2006 blockbuster movie The Illusionist on Blu-ray. This movie directed by Neil Burger has among its star cast Oscar nominee Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Rufus Sewell and Jessica Biel playing the lead roles.

This mesmerizing movie has Edward Norton playing a popular illusionist (Eisenheim) of Vienna and Rufus Sewell in the role of the Crown Prince. Jessica Biel plays the role of the Crown Prince’s fiancé who finds herself getting attracted to Eisenheim. This obviously does not suit the likes of the Prince who sets the city’s Inspector (Giamatti) after him.

This movie is a perfect combination of Drama, Romance and Mystery and will keep you gripped to the very end. It is being released as a two disc combination of a Blu-ray and a DVD.