A Star is Born Releasing Soon on Blu-ray

Warner Brothers has come out with the news that it is soon going to release its 1954 musical drama “A Star is Born” on Blu-ray. This classic directed by George Cukor features Judy Garland and James Mason in the leading cast.

Although this classical movie was made in the year 1954, it was reconstructed in the year 1983 by Ronald Haver, a historian of cinema, who discovered all the sequences that were edited from the movie and brought the reconstruction to the original full sequence along with incorporating digital audio to make the movie experience better.

The movie involves Judy Garland in the role of Esther, a very talented singer who gets the support of Norman (James Mason) an actor turned alcoholic whose acting days are getting numbered. As they both fall in love, they realize the impact of their careers on their love and personal lives.

There are many specials provided with the disc for added viewing pleasure.

Disc Features

  • Trailers
  • 1983 Reconstruction
  • Additional Takes
  • Featurettes

–          A Report by Jack L. Warner: Run time 6:24 – Vintage Featurette

–          Pantages Premiere TV Special: Run time 29:30 – Vintage Featurette

–          ‘A Star is Born’ Premiere in Cinemascope: Run time 2:05

–          A Star is Bored (1956 WB Cartoon): Run time 7:00 – New Featurette

  • Audio Vault

–          Norman and Esther on the Roof of the Hotel Lancaster: Run time 2:00

–          Oliver on the Phone with the Director Discussing Norman: Run time 2:00

–          Judy Garland Radio Interview: Run time 4:00

–          12/28/1942 Lux Radio Theater Broadcast with Judy Garland and Walter Pidgeon): Run time 60:00

–          Someone At Last – Rehearsal: Run time 10:34

–          Someone At Last: Run time 7:16

–          Born in a Trunk: Run time 9:05

–          Black Bottom: Run time 1:48

–          My Melancholy Baby: Run time 7:06

–          Swanee: Run time 4:57