Outlander Zooming its Way on Blu-ray

Vivendi Visual Entertainment will soon be presenting the adventure packed sci-fi movie “Outlander” on Blu-ray. If you are waiting to see this movie, your wait will be over on the 18th of May as the disc hits stores on that day. This 2008 movie directed by Howard McCain has among its star cast Jim Caviezel, Ron Perlman, John Hurt and Sophia Myles.

This sci-fi movie involves an alien soldier, Kainan and a monster known as Moorwen going back from the future to Norway in the ancient times. Both are arch enemies and are intent in killing the other. Kainan now seeks the help of the soldiers of ancient times to reduce his enemy before it gets everyone.

No news about the specials on the disc is available at the moment. We will keep you posted of any further developments in this regard if any further announcements are made.