Appleseed Hitting Blu-ray Soon

ADV Films is all set to release its 2004 sci-fi animation action movie “Appleseed” soon on Blu-ray. If you are an anime fan, you will be enthusiastically waiting until this disc hits the stores on May 18th.

The movie directed by Shinji Aramaki takes us to the year 2131 to the city of Olympus and revolves around two central characters, Deunen Knute, a mercenary and her boyfriend of earlier times, Briareos who is now half-cyborg and half man. Briareos and Deunen are forced to soon team up when rebels start trying to disturb the sanctity and peace of Olympus that is ruled by intelligent clones known as Bioroids.

Specials on the disc are yet to be announced although you can definitely be assured of a special visual treat.