Jimmy Handsome and Lock Up Coming to Blu-ray

Lionsgate Home Entertainment announced “Jimmy Handsome” and “Lock Up” for Blu-ray release on July 27th. Both films are set to release the same day the Rambo films are set to re-release. Check below for details on the supplements each release will include.

Disc Features
Johnny Handsome

  • “Noir In Nawlins” featurette – an in-depth look at the films evocative cinematography by Matthew Leonetti and how he created a modern film noir on the streets of New Orleans
  • “Double-Crosser” featurette – an all-new interview with actor Lance Henriksen on his memorable role as the treacherous Rafe Garrett
  • “Dark Notes” featurette – an all-new profile of composer Ry Cooder on his brooding score and his long history with director Walter Hill

Lock Up

  • Making-of featurette