WB Releases 10 Blu-ray Digibooks Abroad.

Over on the foreign amazon site Amazon.de you can find that WB has just released a collectors edition series of some awesome Blu-ray Digibooks. 10 releases will dawn the premium blu-ray digibook collection that are 30-40 pages long with extensive bonus material. The digibooks come with a slip cover which dawn the FSC logo and not on the case itself.

Release date for all May 28th. They are all clocking in at 19.95 Euros – All English Audio & Region Free 🙂 All the audio tracks say DD … hopefully that is wrong and there are some HD tracks. Forum Discussion on these titles and more can be found Here – Blu-ray Digibooks

Batman – The Dark Knight – Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

Batman Begins – Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

Blade Runner – Final Cut/Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

I Am Legend – Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

Troja – Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

10.000 BC – Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

John Rambo – Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

Die Legende von Beowulf – Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

Der Goldene Kompass – Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

Shoot ‘Em Up – Premium Collection [Blu-ray]

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