Exchange Program for Gladiator in the Works!

Back on July 7th our sister site posted an article (see July 7th) detailing the release of a Dutch Gladiator: 10th Anniversary Edition Steelbook. This new Steelbook and one peculiar thing about it was that it mentioned a new master. The same master that had been speculated for a while. Now that is confirmed, The Digital Bits has obtained word that Paramount is looking to do an exchange program. Here’s the official statement:

“We are implementing a limited exchange program. This program is only for those consumers that may have preferential issues with some of the technical DVNR (digital video noise reduction) and EE (edge enhancement) choices made in the original source transfer, and so would prefer to exchange it for one that addresses those preferences in a different manner.

While the version that we originally distributed was of the highest quality, some enthusiasts may prefer to view it without the Edge Enhancement and DVNR implemented as standard process in bringing the film to hi-def. This new master resolves those issues.”

This program appears to only be available for the U.S.. Currently there is no phone number, but I will keep this article updated as soon as more information becomes available.

Here’s the customer service number (323) 956-3010. You might have to give them a few days to sort things out and start taking information to replace discs. Here’s the email in case you can’t get through: [email protected].

*Original story can be found here.