Monster House 3D Announced!

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced “Monster House 3D” for Blu-ray release on September 14. We already knew it was coming since a slip cover announced this and Open Season in 3D as well. So this is the official announcement with a release date. This movie has already been released on 2D so if you haven’t picked up yet and have 3D equipment I suggest you wait as all the special features remain on the 3D title. Technical specifications appear to have changed since the last release, but I need some confirmation of the correct details before I post them, but check below for a list of supplements.

Disc Features

  • Filmmakers’ Commentary
  • 7 Featurettes:
    1. Imaginary Heroes
    2. Beginner’s Luck
    3. The Best of Friends
    4. Lots of Dots
    5. Black Box Theater
    6. Making it Real
    7. Did You Hear That
  • Evolution of a Scene: Eliza vs. Nebbercracker
  • Photo Gallery