Sony and Netflix Settle on One Month Delay for Movie Rentals

Following in the footsteps of Warner Bros, Universal and Fox, Sony has decided to restrict the availability of some of their future releases to your Netflix queue by one month from it’s street date. Though the exact terms of the agreement have not been revealed it appears that, beginning with the Sony Pictures release of The Karate Kid, some of their films will be receiving a one month delay in availability to Netflix. It is also unclear which future films will be subject to the delay.

Unfortunately for Netflix, Redbox will not be seeing the same delay in releases due to the agreement they signed back in July of 2009; an executive at Sony Pictures has said they are, “committed to reviewing the market impact on select titles for an unspecified period of time.” Which could mean, if this delay bodes well for Sony, it’s possible that Sony will expand the one month delay to all new releases shipped to Netflix.