Michael Jordan Blu-ray – Finally! Ultimate Jordan

The greatest basketball player of all time is finally getting a blu-ray release! I grew up on MJ VHS tapes and bought tons of DVDs during that era. 😉 So one can only imagine how stoked I am that the legend himself is finally getting a blu-ray release. What took so long? It’ll probably be another 5 years before I see anything Hakeem or Rockets, *sigh* but today is great none the less. First and foremost we have the set that this article is about, The Ultimate Jordan 4 disc Blu-ray that releases on February 15th 2011. Then we have Michael Jordan “To The Max” that releases on March 1st. Two MJ releases less than a month apart, 2011 is looking good!

Ultimate Jordan is a GREAT edition. I speak of this because I currently still own the DVD set, and this edition contains EVERYTHING from the DVD set which was 3 disc double sided! (so 6 discs basically) Question is, does it have NEW content? Well, in a nut shell … yes. Though as of right now the only thing I’m seeing as different is that of his Hall of Fame acceptance speech (which is great by the way, you can youtube it in its entirety.) Though what strikes me as odd as that this is fitting on 4 BD’s when 6 DVDs could fit into less. I’m hoping that means there is a lot more content that is still unannounced. We’ve contacted Image Entertainment so hopefully we can get you more info.

One thing is for certain, as hyped as I was to see this listing … I put back in my old DVD set and watched Jordan go at it against Sir Charles in the finals and though it was extremely entertaining it looked like absolute shit. So a blu-ray transfer will be remarkable! The pre-order is also quite low at 40.99 considering the DVD sells for up to double that! (until this releases ;))

Pre-order/Purchase Ultimate Jordan (Deluxe Limited Edition) [Blu-ray]

Special Features:

2009 Hall of Fame Induction Speech
Slam Dunk Contest Highlights
The Making of Michael Jordan’s Playground
And more “Exclusive Features” to blu-ray

MJ Films:

Come Fly with Me
Michael Jordan’s Playground
Above and Beyond
His Airness

Games in their Entirety:

1986 Playoffs: Chicago vs. Boston (Scores 63 pts.)
1990 Playoffs: Chicago vs. Cleveland (Scores 69 pts.)
1993 Finals Game 4: Chicago vs. Phoenix (Scores 55 pts.)
1997 Finals Game 5: Chicago vs. Utah (The Flu Game)
1998 Finals Game 6: Chicago vs. Utah (The Sixth Title)

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