Pioneer Launches Blu-ray 3D Player Line

Ah, the good ol’ reliable Pioneer players. One thing that has remained constant with all the different brands entering the blu-ray player market is that Pioneer still drops quality hardware. They’ve done it for longer then some fans have been alive. Their DVD players were always of quality and their blu-ray players have been as well. Finally, Pioneer has announced 3 players to feature Blu-ray 3d capability. The BDP-430, BDP-41FD, and the BDP-43FD.

The players all feature wi-fi readyness, streaming capability, and support for a new iphone application. All the players utilize the new 1.4 HDMI standard for 3D to support the needed bandwidth. In addition, the players have a unique to Pioneer “Pure Cinema” mode that can upconvert SD to 1080p! Keyword on some of the above aforementioned details is wi-fi readyness. Ie. The players require a wi-fi adapter if you are not hard wired. The Price range on these bad boys? The BDP-430 clocks in at $299, the Elite BDP-41FD for $399, and the big bad voodoo daddy BDP-43FD burns the wallet for $499.

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