Tom Cruise to Play ‘Jaxx’ in ‘Rock of Ages’

Tom Cruise had been earlier approached to sign the role in “Rock of Ages”. This New Line project has been adapted from the 1980’s Bon Jovi’s rock group stage musical performance. It was a huge hit of that time.

Film version of the stage musical, “Rock of Ages” is to be directed by Adam Shankman. The story advances when a couple in love tells their romantic love story in parts with the series of eighty’s rock songs.

Tom Cruise is to play the role of Satcey Jaxx, an arrogant and good looking singing star who is at the peak in his career. He is singing “Wanted Dead or Alive” from Bon Jovi’s theatrical performance.

Gwyneth Paltrow is also to play one of the key roles in the film. This news got its appropriation when she made her appearance to the premiere shows of the Country Strong and Glee. She will be singing Country Strong in the movie. Later, the news was confirmed when the actress accepted the offer and said she is finding the project to be interesting and fun. She added she will read the script when on plane.

Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin are also to bag roles in the film. However, no deal has been finalized. The story of Cruise being offered the role is in news since October last year and now the negotiation has reached its final stage. CAA reped Tom Cruise.

The production is set to start up with the start date in May. It is the conjoined venture of Shankman’s Offspring Entertainment, Corner Stone Entertainment and Tobey Maguire’s Maguire Entertainment.