Movie Review: The Eagle

”The Eagle’ has everything in store, but still not able to fulfill the promise of real good cinema. The movie is directed by Kevin Macdonald, a capable director, endorsed by charismatic cinematography and a backdrop of Roman times. But the movie has disappointed everyone despite of such a good potential.

Hollywood still seems to have a fascination towards the Roman mythology and most of the movies try to relive the grandeur of the mythical saga. Focus Features ‘The Eagle’ is the story of the Roman soldier Marcus Aquila who has reached a remote area in the Northern Britain. The Eagle is the second film of the Oscar winning Kevin Macdonald who has tried to retrieve the ancient history in his movie. The film has the touches of Rosemary Sutcliff’s novel The Eagle in the Ninth, although it can’t be claimed to be the theatrical adaptation of the print version.

The lead actor of the movie Channing Tatum has portrayed the role of soldiers in his previous movies and does sustainable justice to his role of Marcus. The film is set showcasing the era of 140 A.D. when a legion of 5000 soldiers is marching towards Northern Britain under the commandment of Flavious Aquila, Marcus’ father. Marcus wants to remove the stains of taints from the name of his family which were put after the defeat of his father. He has left on a perilous journey along with his Celtic slave Esca (Jamie Bell). In his deadly and challenging attempt to get back the honor of his family, he is encountered with several dangers.

The core crust of the movie is also the relationship between the master and the slave which has a bitter tone but ends up harmoniously. The film has some enticing moments like the dual fight but it somehow seems hard to lure the audience under its impact.