Bambi Blu-ray Review

Everyone knows, has seen, or has heard of the timeless classic that is “Bambi”. Flash forward to today’s time and Bambi is still making waves and setting trends. With Disney’s release of Bambi to blu-ray comes an entire new presentation in regards to blu-ray. Hopefully, and I presume most certainly this is just a taste or the uniformity of what’s to come with future releases of Disney Classics. So what the hell am I talking about exactly? Well first of all, the addition of “Disney Hi-Def Sound” ; “Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix” in the audio department. It’s the best of the best, and it’s welcome with open arms for us hi-def enthusiasts.

Next up is the addition of Disney Second Screen. Finally, someone brings to reality what I heard rumored from the beginning of the age of the Playstation 3. Whether this came to be or not, I was told that you could pair up your PSP for driving games and it would sit next to you and work as a rearview mirror when racing through games on your big screen. Whether that saw the light of day with GT5, I have no clue. However Disney pulled it off with Bambi by incorporating a seamless experience that synchs your laptop or Ipad with the blu-ray disc to provide additional content that you are in charge of while your movie plays. How cool is that right? The future possibilities are endless.

So does the little fawn stop at just that? Oh no, not this one. The inclusion of Disney View adds an all new widescreen viewing experience that utilizes the sidebars to somewhat the same affect that ESPN uses it for just a red logo wallpaper. In this case though it’s not just a static image. Instead, it shows off Disney artist Lisa Keene’s new custom art in the side bars.

All this and much more sets the bar extremly high for Diamond Edition releases in the future. (Way past the previous Snow White) “The Lion King” and “Lady and the Tramp” have already been etched in stone to get their upcoming Diamond Editions releases. The interactivity that Bambi and these future releases will receive is just almost borderline unbelievable. These titles and what they bring to the table or what they propose to is definitely worth way more than the cost of these fantastic editions. You will enjoy Bambi, if not for it’s story or turned away by a kids movie (if you are an adult) then for the simple fact of it’s innovation among home media disc releases.

With each and every single scene visually restored and remastered in this stunning blu-ray transfer Bambi excels remarkably. Disney once again out does itself, and sets the bar high for future classic releases. The colors are vibrant throughout and the blacks are as dark as needed when called for. This 1080p transfer is a thing of beauty, videophiles will and probably already have rejoiced with this one. Top Notch!

The audio just doesnt get any better than this! Disney has gone a step above when acquiring Terry Porter’s services for mixing this new 7.1 enhanced home theater experience. The scores come alive in this beloved classic better than ever before. A totally immersive and engulfing experience when listing to this in its full Disney High Definition sound; DTS HD Master glory. Every channel has equal deserved attention, and you will feel thriled when watching this timeless family classic come to life. In regards to the “Disney High Definition” sound, Disney has even gone so far as to include logos to showcase this on the back of the case and deem it a “Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix”. I mention this because this just means we have a lot of great things in store this year. Can you say Lion King Disney Enhanced? 🙂 Already announced as another “Diamond Collection” upcoming release.

Disney’s Bambi comes with a plethora of extras as many have already been discussed in the movie portion of this blu-ray review. Again I emphasize that many are innovative and lead to a bright future for Diamond Edition Disney Classics. The special features are as listed below.

-Bambi: Inside Walt’s Story Meetings (HD)
-The Making of Bambi: A Prince is Born (SD)
-Interactive Galleries (HD)
-Deleted Scenes (HD/SD)
-One Deleted Song
-Inside the Disney Archives (SD)
-Disney Second Screen (HD)
-Disney’s Big Book of Knowledge (HD)
-Tricks of the Trade (SD)
-The Old Mill (SD)
-Original Theatrical Trailer (SD)
-Disney View
-Sneak Peeks (HD) Trailers for upcoming Disney movies.

I like many of you are used to Disney delivering when it comes to their classics that get blu-ray transfers, but I really didn’t expect this much greatness rolled up into a release. Though with all their new additions, I guess it was only a matter of time before a certain released showcased them. Bambi is an innovative peice of art, the video quality and audio quality are 100% top notch. The supplements are deep and innovative like I stated before. It leads for an exciting future for all Diamond Collection blu-ray releases. The movie is already a timeless classic, so if you got kids this is an absolute no brainer of a purchase. If you don’t have kids, no problem … as Disney brings out the kid in all of us. This title comes extremely highly recommended from Hi-def Ninja!

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