‘The Illusionist’ (2010) Blu-ray Release Announced

The Illusionist 2010 is set to release on Blu-ray on 10th May. This is an animated movie directed by Sylvain Chomet. The movie based on the Jacques Tati story was nominated in the Best Animated Feature category for the Academy Awards.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment officially announced its release on Blu-ray. The story is about the two crossing paths of a magician and a young girl named Alice. The French Illusionist is wandering everywhere in search of a stage to display his acts and travels to Scotland. There he meets this girl Alice. This is a voyage of discovery with a mix of illusion, magic and destiny all colliding together. The adventures involved changes the life of both.

The voice of the illusionist was played by Jean-Claude Donda and of the Alice by Eilidh Rankin.

The Blu-ray of ‘The Illusionist’ will feature commentary by the director Sylvain Chomet. The making of the film and Q&A will also form the part of this Blu-ray to make it an exciting deal.

Not to be confused with The Illusionist released in 2006 which was the story of romantic magical drama directed by Neil Burger. The movie starred by Edward Norton and Jessica Beil has already been released on Blu-ray on 8th June 2010.