Lois Lane joins the upcoming ‘Superman’ cast

Who isn’t awaiting the release of the release of the upcoming ‘Superman’ Re-boot film? Even though there is still a long time till we actually get to watch it, the casting process has is already underway.

The role of the man of steel was obviously the first to be cast and Henry Cavill was the lucky one would we will be seeing in red and blue. Next joining aboard were Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, who were cast for the roles of Jonathan and Martha Kent. By the looks of it, it seems that the film is certainly going to be a treat for the fans of the Superman franchise. Many of those fans would have in fact noticed that the casting is still quite minimal and many of the roles are still vacant, one of which happens to be that of Lois Lane.

Well not any more, it was recently announced that the role of the leading lady has been filled in my Amy Adams, who would be playing Superman’s most iconic love interest and his partner in justice. What can you expect to see from her as she joins Superman’s side? Well, you already viewed her performance recently in ‘Enchanted’ and ‘The Fighter’, so hopefully she will bring the required appeal and the right portrayal while playing the role.

Amy Adams has been in some notable roles but that is not all that got her this role. Since the filmmaker wants to portray a more distinct look for Lois Lane, Amy Adams seemed well suitable for the role.