The Hangover Part II Rules the Box Office Memorial Weekend

It didn’t take much time for The Hangover: Part II’ by Warner to make it to the top of the box and with the arrival of the box office Memorial weekend, the impressive success of the movie continues with $30,010,000 earned this Friday in over 3,615 theaters. Adding up the $31,610,367, the movie earned this Thursday in theatres, the total earning of the movie goes up to an impressive total of $61,620,000, merely two days after its release. Considering the midnight shows of The Hangover: Part II’ which began from midnight this Thursday, the movie managed to earn another $10.4 million. As the movie made its way to the Memorial weekend, undoubtedly topping the box office, its total earnings for the first five days after its release go up to an amazing $140 million.

The Animated movie ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ by Paramount debuted this Thursday in 3,925 theaters earning $5.8 million on the day of its release. The following day the movie managed to earn another $13 million, taking up its total around $19 million, just two days after its release. As ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ made it up to the Memorial weekend, the total gross of the movie was wound up around $65 million to $70 million, granting it the second spot in the box office.

It’s the second week now that ‘Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides’ by Disney was released and it was merely the last weekend that the movie was at the top of the box. At the Memorial weekend, a bit of a drop in sales with $10,852,000 this Friday in 4,164 theaters, took the movie to the third spot.