Casting of Django Unchained in Progress

The film ‘Django Unchained’ is a developing project that will be mainly featuring a plot based on American slavery. The title character is a former freed slave who turns into a bounty hunter in an attempt to save his wife who is trapped with a platoon owner.

You might be wondering what the real hype about this movie actually is? Well it’s all about the cast. Firstly we have Jamie Foxx, who seems like a promising choice for the lead role since he has portrayed both serious and humorous characters. Will Smith seems to be another popular choice for Django especially among the fans but it has not really been reported that the actor has shown any interest in the movie. Other actors like Idis Ebra, Charles Miner, and Chris Tucker have also been considered to play the role of the main character but nothing has been confirmed yet.

For your information the upcoming venture Django is a remake of the original movie released in 1966 where Tarantino was the main villain. Recent buzz has been created by the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio has possibly been cast for the role of the antagonist Calvin Candie, who is a slave owner. The role was previously portrayed by Tarantino. Reportedly Samuel L. Jackson has also been signed up as a part of the movie cast for the role of Stephen, slave on Candie’s side.

The casting alone has left a lot of fans in awe and they restlessly await the release of this film.