African Cats coming to Blu-ray on October 4th

African Cats is the perfect movie for anyone who loves exotic wild cats, simply admire animals or want to experience the power of a united family. It is more of an educational film but will still prove to be entertaining enough. The life of a pair of lion  and a cheetah family has been chronicled in this film. It showcases how both of these families challenge and cherish each other. As they spend time in the African savanna, the movie also shows how these animal families have to endure the dangers of the wild and also the way they enjoy the wonders there. In simple worlds the movie is truly portrays a mesmerizing picture of nature in the world.

Now you can ideally get an unforgettable experience by watching this wonderful film on Blu-ray as the Blu-ray Combo Pack, Combo Pack, DVD, Movie On-Demand and Download comes out on the 4th of October. The lions Mara and Fang are the stars in the movie, who go through unimaginable wild experience throughout the length of the movie.

The additional features of the DVD, Blu-ray and Movie Download include:

Disney & Nature featurette

Save The Savanna featurette

The additional features of the Blu-ray include:

Filmmaker Annotations

Jordan Sparks “The World I Knew” Video

The additional features of the Movie Download include:

Introduction to Masai Mara

Filming the Cats

Sophie’s Elephants

This movie will surely prove to be nothing like you have ever seen before and that is what makes it worth getting the Blu-ray combo pack when it comes out.