A Town Called Panic Blu-ray Review

Movies that usually become our favorites either feature our favorite actors or are showcased within a genre that is preferred by us. When we talk about a film like ‘A Town Called Panic’, it is hard to determine what might be in store for you even if you catch a glimpse of the trailer. ‘A Town Called Panic’ or Panique au Village, is  a French film that might as well slip in your favorite list of films even though you might not know much about it till you actually watch it.

At the Fantastic Fest in 2009 the film actually won the Audience Award which is a proof to quite an extent that the film is worth watching. The film is an animated movie using the stop motion technique and it might even give you the impression of being a French version of the Toy Story franchise since it features a cast of toys. The actual voice cast includes t and surprisingly Aubier is also the director of the film as well.

The stop motion-animated toys which are the main characters in the film look quite similar to children’s toys you might usually find at bargain surplus stores. The movie is enjoyable enough for little children and even adults since the plot expands in a very attractive manner. You can easily find this film on Blu-ray now and there is not better than to enjoy the film by watching it in high definition quality.