Naomie Harris Lands a Role in Bond 23 as Moneypenny

Over the years there have been quite a lot of reboot movies and fans of the originals have always had mixed views about them. This is the reason that taking on the role of rebooted characters has always been a rather intimidating spot for the actors and actresses. The same is the case with the Bond universe where several characters need to be re-casted on a regular basis, even ‘007’.

If the casting in such a huge franchise is not liked by fans it can always cause uproar among them. Nonetheless, it has been confirmed recently that Naomie Harris has been casted to take on the role of Moneypenny and while it seems like a wise decision, we cannot speculate how fans will react. The 2012 installment in the Bond franchise that is currently going by the name of ‘Bond 23’ stars Daniel Craig making his third appearance as 007 and now it appears Naomie Harris would be the actress opposite him.

On the other hand Naomie Harris’s versatility actually makes her an ideal pick for the character. She has always been known to seemingly become the characters she playing rather than relying on a resonant persona for them. Till date two of the most notable movies that she has worked in would be 28 Days Later and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Among the various beloved Bond characters, Money actually ranks quite high. Lois Maxwell was the actress who most notably immortalized the role of Miss Monneypenny and fans might be hoping something close from Naomie Harris as well.