Justin Timberlake Gets the Male Lead in In Time

Justin Timberlake, pop musician turned actor, has recently taken the male leads in several movies this year. The most notable examples include his role as a substitute teacher in Bad Teacher and more recently as the male lead in Friends with Benefits that was released on the 22nd of July.

As of now, Justin Timberlake stars in yet another upcoming film, the science fiction thriller ‘In Time’, alongside co-star Amanda Seyfried. The film is set in the not so distant future where people must now pay for every minute of their lives beyond the age of 25. Thus time is running out for the poor while the rich are able to choose immortality. The plot revolves around Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake, a poor young man who gets accused of the murder of a man to get his time and in the process he ends up taking Sylvia Weis, played by Amanda Seyfried, hostage.

Some stills of the film have already been reveled. Andrew Niccol, director of Gattaca, a similar themed sci-fi drama has taken up the directorial spot for ‘In Time’. Some of the previous titles of the film include Now and I’m.Mortal. Also staring in the film are Cillian Murphy and Olivia Wilde. The concept for the film sounds interesting indeed and the cast is quite promising too. As for Justin Timberlake, even though we have mostly been seeing him in romantic comedies but we seeing in such a role is certainly new. 28th October has been confirmed as the release date for the film.