Die Hard 5 Finally in the Making

Its almost been 4 years now since we last saw a Die Hard film, in fact it was in 2007 that Live Free or Die Hard had debuted. Ever since then fans of this action films franchise have been awaiting the making of the next sequel in the film series.

Luckily for Die Hard enthusiasts it has finally been confirmed that a ‘Die Hard 5’ project is indeed in the making. It has even been confirmed that John McClane will be becoming an international phenomenon this time since the adventure this time will be taking place somewhere in Eastern Europe. It has also been confirmed that this upcoming film project is being handled and directed by John Moore, who has previously directed films like Max Payne and Behind Enemy Lines.

One thing is for certain is that this movie is much anticipated so for the admirers it does not really matter who John McClane is saving or where the action is taking place. We are all well aware that we have been seeing John McClane over the course of twenty three years but this character just never gets old. It is also safe to say that the character would be incomplete without Bruce Willis, who is definitely a part of the cast for the 5th sequel. Nothing much has been confirmed about the rest of co-stars, neither has it been confirmed whether Justin Long, who portrayed John McClane’s sidekick in the previous film, will be returning for his role or not.