Laurence Fishburne Joins the Man of Steel Cast as Perry White

The cast of Man Of Steel, the latest Superman reboot film, finds its Perry White in the form of Laurence Fishburne, who recently signed up to play the role. Perry White, the archetypal newspaper editor, was played by Frank Langella in Superman Returns by Bryan Singer and the role has now been taken on the former The Matrix star. Laurence Fishburne left his role in the crime drama series C.S.I. after two seasons and this is his first film role ever since then.

The rest of the co-stars include Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams portraying Lois Lane, Kevin Costner in the role of Jonathan Kent and Michael Shannon playing General Zod.

Zack Snyder (300) is going to be directing the ‘Man of Steel’, while the film is produced by Christopher Nolan, who is also producing ‘The Dark Knight’. Zack Snyder’s films are known for possessing a dark and gritty element and this Superman reboot can expected to be somewhat similar.

One thing that might be confusing a majority of the Superman aficionados is that Perry White is a typical white character, then how did Laurence Fishburne fit in this role? In any case, putting his complexion aside we all know that he is an exceptional actor after watching him in The Matrix and on C.S.I., so probably that is what landed him the role in this upcoming superhero film.

The filming for the ‘Man of Steel’ is expected to begin sometime during the fall and the 14th of June, 2013 has been confirmed as the release date.