Mike Myers All Aboard for Austin Powers 4

Over the years, movie revivals have been a common practice in Hollywood. Some have turned out to be great while others simply failed to impress. In fact many enthusiastic movie goers might have even become rather fed up of this season full of remakes and reboots. We have yet again, news of another returning film that movie lovers might actually have been anticipating from quite a long time and might even be more than excited about. Yes, it’s true. The fans of the Austin Powers series might have already had their fair share of three crazy and comedic films, but it has been recently announced that a fourth film is in the making.

Not too many details have been given out apart from the fact that the film will indeed happen. In fact it has recently also been confirmed that Mike Myers has already signed and sealed his contract for this four film, returning as the ever so comedic British spy. The fact that Mike Myers is already on board for the film is hope in enough for the fans of the franchise to expect this fourth installment anytime soon. All that remains is a director for the film and the supporting cast to be selected, so this project can go underway.

What can be expected from this upcoming installment in the Austin Powers franchise? The first three films had undoubtedly won many hearts and left people screaming with laughter, so surely this fourth film will succeed at impressing us.