The Duo of Johnny Knoxville and Patton Oswalt to Star in Upcoming Comedy Film

When we talk about comedy films, randomness and mismatching happen to be quite common, nonetheless these films end up entertaining us to quite an extent. The same can also be said about the unnamed, upcoming film by Todd Rohal that will star Johnny Knoxville and Patton Oswalt as a mismatched duo.

The casting might seem to be odd and the pair certainly seems to be mismatched, therefore it is hard for audiences to judge of what to expect from this upcoming movie. Yet, there are many reasons that this film could actually prove to be a comedy sensation of the year and one main reason is the casting itself.

As random as the pair is, individually the two actors happen to be quite skillfully comedic. Many of us would have already watched Johnny Knoxville in comedies like the Dukes of Hazard and other lowbrow scripted films, but the actor has particularly become known for his role in the reality film series, Jackass. One the other hand we have Patton Oswalt, who has far more experience under his belt, having lent his voice for the lead role in Ratatouille, while having been a part of television shows like The King of Queens and Community.

Thus it would definitely not be wrong to say that both the actors have their fair share of experience as far as comedy is concerned and they might as well add life to the film. All that this upcoming film now needs is a catchy name, a decent script and we could have a blockbuster comedy film.