The Most Sought After Actors for Expendables 2

The first Expendables movie was released back in 2010. Not only did the movie manage to grab almost every movie genre that the film industry has to offer but also managed to include quite an ensemble cast of some well known Hollywood superstars.

That is not all; in fact plans are that almost every living Hollywood actor will be cast in the actor at some point by the time the fourth Expendables movie is produced. The second sequel in the franchise is all set to be released next year and plans have already been made to seek out more notable actors to be included in the cast.

When we talk about action themed films, with death defying scenes, a name that comes to mind is that of Nicholas Cage, the biggest name that is being sought after for the upcoming film. Having been cast in the upcoming action-thriller film Abduction, Taylor Lautner might indeed manage to make a name for himself as an action star and is a potential choice for Expendables 2. It might be a bit tricky to imagine Christian Slater in an action role but considering what the Expendables franchise is aiming for, a role intended to increase his recognition might be possible. Last but not least we have Christopher Lambert, who certainly has more action films under his belt than Christian Slater, making him another potential actor who might be sought for the movie.

There are definitely many more unanswered questions regarding the movie that will hopefully be answered soon enough.