Bellflower Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Releasing on November 15

Evan Glodell made his film writing and directorial debut with the feature length film, Bellflower, which made its premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival back in January. Recently it had been announced the film will also be released on Blu-ray by Oscilloscope Pictures, an independent distributor.

The surprising fact about this film is that not only was it written and directed by Evan Glodell, but he even edited it and stars in the film as well. The plot of the film revolves Woodrow and Aiden, two friends who find inspiration from Mad Max and decide to pull out similar stunts. Aspects of love and betrayal become a part of the film when Woodrow is at a bar and he meets a brazen girl. From there on the film even takes a violent turn as the duo set forth on a life changing journey. Apart from the Glodell, the cast of the film also includes Jessie Wiseman, Rebekah Brandes and Tyler Dawson.

While a variety of genres were featured throughout the film we cannot help but call it a love story. After having premiered in January 2011, the film is now being featured in a variety of cinemas all over the nation. A Blu-ray/DVD combo pack of this indie film is all set to be released. In fact the Blu-ray version will even be including additional features as well, such as:

Behind-the-Scenes of Bellflower

Medusa Rundown

Theatrical Trailer

The 15th of November has been confirmed as the release date of the film.