Chris Tucker Finally Looking for Roles in Two Movies

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Chris Tucker has been missing in action from quite a long time. At least that is what the fans of the actor/comedian might be thinking it has been so long since we saw a movie in which he starred. In fact Chris Tucker was last seen in ‘Rush Hour 3’ and that was almost five years ago.

Some might even be thinking that the actor has lost his interest in acting for the big screen but the fact is that he still has that flair for acting. As of recently Chris Tucker seems to have shown interest towards acting and there are currently two films that the actor seems to be interested about working in.

The first film is the action comedy film Neighborhood Watch, which has been co-written by Seth Rogen. The confirmed cast of the film currently includes Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Vince Vaughn.

The other film that Chris Tucker seems to be interested about working in is the drama comedy ‘The Silver Linings Playbook’. He seems to be negotiating with David O. Russell, the director of the film, to include him among the cast. The role Chris Tucker has his eyes on, is that of a mental patient who is also the friend of Bradley Cooper’s character and is admitted in his hospital. It has been reported that Jennifer Lawrence is also among the cast of the film. Thus, we can finally put our hopes high, because sooner or later we might be witnessing Chris Tucker’s return to the big screen.