The Rum Diary Gets Everyone Excited

The Rum Diary is expected to be quite exciting for many reasons; a lot of you might be impatiently waiting for its release. Not only does the film pays a tribute to the late Hunter S. Thompson but also adapts the story of his novel that was never published. Thus, alike the novel, the plot of the film revolves around a young, fictional journalist whose trip to Puerto Rico takes an unexpectedly dangerous turn. Not only is the film an adaptation of Thompson’s novel but is also an inspiration of the writer’s adventures in Puerto Rico. Johnny Depp stars as the fictional journalist, Paul Kemp, while the rest of the cast includes Aaron Eckhart, Amber Heard, Giovanni Ribisi and Richard Jenkins.

Hunter S. Thompson has not just been well known for being a genius as a journalist but many of us know what a brilliant writer he had been as well. For this very reason many of us are expecting The Rum diary to not only be a huge hit but treat for the eyes and mind as well. What made Johnny Depp perfect for the lead role in this film is the fact that he also starred in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas back in 1998, which was another adaptation of Thompson’ autobiographical novel.

Not only will this film be having quite an interesting plot but will even be featuring a narrative style as well. Till its worldwide premiere we will definitely be kept at the edge of our seats waiting for this distinct film that is definitely worth appreciating.