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Released in 1965, For A Few Dollars More is the best of the “Man With No Name” Trilogy. The release of the For A Few Dollars More blu-ray disc allows you to experience this classic western in full high-definition video and audio.

In the 1964 film, director Sergio Leone delighted movie goers with the film A Fistful of Dollars. Clint Eastwood’s gruff gun-slinger character was a man of few words but a lot of action. In the sequel, For A Few Dollars More blu-ray, Eastwood’s character is given a lot more depth, and even some humor. The For A Few Dollars More script is impressive when compared with its predecessor. It even has elements of comedy in it. Although a few of the bad guys from the previous film were all dead by the end of it, they all back in the For A Few Dollars More blu-ray with new names! This film has brilliant performances from both Lee Van Cleef and Clint Eastwood, which enhance its style.

For A Few Dollars More blu-ray is one of the best and most spectacular of Leone’s westerns. The main reason for this is the once in a lifetime performances given by both Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef. In the film they are both top class bounty hunters who are chasing the same contract. The two call an uneasy truce, and then set about using every trick in the book to double-cross and get one up on each other. What follows is a relentless barrage of bravado, marksmanship and stern-faced masculinity, with corrupt hired hands willing to exchange bullets around every other corner.

The director’s dust-soaked images, are filled with personality and atmosphere, which results in a tougher, bolder and more genuine looking western than many of the bigger more expensive Hollywood blockbusters of today. The infamous showdown between Eastwood, Van Cleef and the despicable set of bounties, may be what sends this movie riding off into the sunset. But it’s the quieter scenes earlier in the story that really makes For A Few Dollars More blu-ray really worth watching. The sight of the two grizzled old bounty hunters trying to impress one another, with nothing but an empty road, a set of pistols and a pair of bullet-riddled hats, leaves a striking impression on the viewer.

If you have not seen the For A Few More Dollars blu-ray, you are in for a treat. For A Few More Dollars blu-ray and its predecessor. A fistful Of Dollars, broke the mold for many westerns. Westerns were much tamer before these two movies, but after their release westerns had a lot more grit and realism.

For a Few Dollars More comes to you on blu-ray in pure 1080p goodness looking absolutely great for a film of this age. You shouldnt have any problem updating your dvd version for this western classic. If you are an Eastwood or Sergio Leone fan than this should be an absolute no-braner. So either grab the whole trilogy or grab this one and The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly if going on video quality alone. The blacks are nice and deep and only light instances of film grain appear in this film where its just part of the film. I personally found this one to be much better than A Fistful of Dollars in regards to video quality.

For a Few Dollars More blu-ray comes with a wonderful 5.1 DTS HD Master audio track. Hands down the best audio this western classic has ever received. An extremely front heavy track ; For a Few Dollars More delivers a great audio experience for this film, but if you compared this to anything modern and relative its like comparing apples to oranges. Overall this the best audio this film is going to get barring its age.

For a Few Dollars More Blu-ray comes to you with a decent amount of special features.

The Christopher Frayling Archives: For A Few Dollars More (1080p)

A New Standard: Frayling on For A Few Dollars More (SD)

Back For More: Clint Eastwood Remembers For A Few Dollars More (SD)
Tre Voci: For A Few Dollars More (SD)

Commentary with Film Historian Christopher Frayling

For A Few Dollars More: The Original American Release Version (SD)
Location Comparisons (SD)

12 Radio Spots (1080i)

Theatrical Trailers (2)

The video and audio quality is by far the best this film has ever seen. Throw in the fact that this edition contains a great amount of special features and comes at a spectacular price makes this an absolute must for blu-ray western fans. Whether you love Eastwood or love westerns, if you don’t have this in your collection then your truly missing out. Hi-def Ninja highly recommends For A few Dollars More on blu-ray disc.

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