Michelle Rodriguez Returns in Resident Evil: Retribution

On thing about movie sequels that always surprises every movie watcher is their ability to bring back dead characters. It might not be so with all movie sequels but this can definitely be said about Resident Evil: Retribution, the upcoming sequel in the Resident Evil franchise that is expected to be released in 2012.

The fact that Michelle Rodriguez has officially joined the cast of the film and that her dead character will be reintroduced makes it clear that the dead do not remain dead, especially in zombie films. Ironic as it might seem, it is still unsure whether Michelle Rodriguez’s character will be returning as a zombie or has been miraculously cured.

We all know very well that Resident Evil started out as a world famous video game franchise. Yet, for fans of the Resident Evil video games, the movie franchise had nothing in common with their favorite games. In fact, with each sequel that was released, the movie franchise began straying far away from the basic theme of Resident Evil. Nonetheless, fans of Resident Evil can probably expect Resident Evil: Retribution to prove different and hopefully this upcoming sequel will surprise us.

The confirmed cast of this upcoming Resident Evil sequel includes Michelle Rodriguez, Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Colin Salmon and Boris Kodjoe. Hopefully this upcoming movie, which will be released sometime during 2012, will prove to be impressive for Resident Evil video game admirers and revive the true essence of the popular game franchise.