The Devil’s Double Blu-ray To Be Released On November 22

Lionsgate recently announced that The Devil’s Double will be released on Blu-ray this November. The film has been directed by Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day, The Edge). The film is a true story revolving around the events in the life of Latif Yahia. Latif Yahia is an Iraqi army lieutenant who is ordered by the Iraqi government to act as a body double (fedai) for Uday “The Black Prince” Hussein, Saddam Hussein’s playboy son. Latif is forced into the decadent and savage life of the Iraqi leader’s psychotic and sadistic son.

Dominic Cooper’s dual performance, playing the role of both Latif and Uday, received a lot of appraisal. Ludivine Sagnier (Peter Pan is included in the supporting cast of the film, she plays the role of Uday’s favorite mistress who ends up getting involved in a passionate love affair with Latif.

A complete list of the technical specifications of the Blu-ray has not yet been released by Lionsgate. The original aspect ration of 2.39:1 will be retained in this Blu-ray version of the film. Several bonus features will also be featured in the Blu-ray disc, including:

Audio commentary with director Lee Tamahori

Behind-the-scenes featurette on Dominic Cooper and his transformation into Latif and Uday

An interview with the real Latif Yahia

“Making of” featurette on the film

This film is definitely worth watching for those who are admirers of historical and thriller films. The 22nd of November has been confirmed as the release date for The Devil’s Double Blu-ray version.