Bridesmaids Tops the Blu-ray Sales Chart

Bridesmaids, a super doper comedy movie of summer 2011, tops the Blu-ray sales charts for the week ending September 25, 2011. The movie was produced with the budget of $32.5 million and was successful in bagging the total box office collection of $285 million from its worldwide theatrical run. Bridesmaids is able to derive 30% of its package media sales from the HD format.

President of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Craig Kornblau commented that Bridesmaids have performed astonishingly on Blu-ray with overwhelming response from the home entertainment consumers.

The Blu-ray of Bridesmaids is packed with stunning audio and video quality. The story is of a girl named Annie, who is the bride of honor. She along with other bridesmaids and her best friend Lillian take on to the crazy journey of a matrimonial. She will not leave any stone unturn and would go far to prove her love. The movie directed by Paul Feig stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCarthy.

Star Wars was at the No. 2 on Blu-ray sales chart and on No.3 position on the compiled sales chart. It has created a new Blu-ray movies record from the units sold in the category of catalog release. Star Wars is also acclaimed of initiating high revenues from home video entertainment industry.

Thor has dropped down to 3rd position from the last week and the No. 4 spot is held by Dumbo for the Blu-ray sales charts.