Bond 23 Gets a Villainous Antagonist in the Form of Javier Bardem

When playing a villainous role in a movie, Javier Bardem is an actor who sheds fear into the hearts of the audience leaving them shuddering for sure. The actor is well known for his terrorizing role in the No Country for Old Men that have made him distinguishable as a prominent Hollywood antagonist. As of recently, Javier Bardem is all set to take on yet another villainous role has he joins up as a part of the Bond 23 cast.

These rumors have in fact been going around from quite a long time yet there is still not much known about role Bardem will be cast in, apart from the fact that it will certainly be villainous. Bardem’s character might not be very well liked considering the fact that he will be playing a bond character. Then again we never know this might be the film where James Bond (Daniel Craig) finally meets his match.

Anyhow, that is just somewhat hard to speculate and it is all up to Sam Mendes, the director of Bond 23, to make Bond lose to a worthy foe for the very first time. One thing that we can certainly expect is the fact that we might definitely be seeing Javier Bardem as a bond villain when Bond 23 is finally released. Bond 23 is in fact is expected to be released sometime during the next year. The movie is also expected to be one of the biggest Hollywood film releases of the next year.