Insane Give-away 25 Blu-ray SteelBooks!

When most people think of Ninjas, they think of sneaky skilled assassins. Of course, others think of pajama wearing weirdos. However, in the case of our sneaky little Ninja he’s a little bit of everything all mixed together.

The one thing he excels in above all, is coming up with crazy contests and give-aways all the time. This is by far his biggest yet, and tops the annual “Ninja Week” which includes week long give-aways every day. This one is one for the steelbook collector record books. He’s snuck around and compiled over 25 steelbooks to give-away with some rare gems tucked away as well.

With 3 copies of the coveted Wolverine France Blu-ray SteelBook and 3 of the Hellboy 2 France steelbook plus The Indiana Jones blu-ray steelbook combined with Star Trek is almost just plain crazy. Ninja crazy.

And 100% free shipped to the doors of the winners!? Who would want to miss out on this action? I hope not you! 😉

Visit this link today and stay up to date on all the give-aways taking place and get in on the game! Good luck to all!

Hi-Def Ninja : Blu-ray SteelBook Give-away

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is a pop culture fanatic who loves to collect things from films that leave a lasting impression on him. A big fan of such brands like SteelBook, Mondo, and Sideshow. Favorite films or franchises include Braveheart, HEAT, Book of Eli, Ip Man, Nolan's Batman, Everything Marvel, and practically anything Quentin Tarantino touches. Proudly owns The Notebook, drives 88 mph, and know's exactly what was in Marsellus Wallace's briefcase!