Owl City Live From Los Angeles Set For February

Eagle Rock Entertainment has announced “Owl City: Live From Los Angeles” for Blu-ray release on February 7th. This will feature over 90 minutes of live performance, behind the scenes footage, exclusive interviews and more. Check below for the list of track that are included in the concert.

Track Listing
1) The Real World
2) Cave In
3) Hello Seattle
4) Angels
5) Swimming In Miami
6) Umbrella Beach
7) I’ll Meet You There
8) Plant Life
9) Setting Sail
10) The Bird And The Worm
11) Lonely Lullaby
12) Fireflies
13) Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust
14) Kamikaze
15) Meteor Shower
16) Galaxies
17) Alligator Sky
18) Deer In The Headlights
19) Yacht Club
20) How I Became The Sea
21) If My Heart Was A House