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Despite the title, G-Force is not a live-action version of the popular anime series Gatchaman, better known here in the States as both Battle of the Planets and, in one incarnation, G-Force. Rather, it’s a movie about an elite group of FBI agents who happen to be animals with hi-tech equipment that allows them to both perform their duties and communicate with humans. Sounds cheesy, I know, but it kind of does its job of spoofing the spy film genre, like most films of this type that are aimed at kids.

The team in question consists of team leader Darwin (Sam Rockwell), martial arts expert Juarez (Penelope Cruz), weapons and transportation expert Blaster (Tracy Morgan), tech expert star-nosed mole Speckles (Nicholas Cage), and reconnaissance fly Mooch (Dee Bradley Baker). When the unit’s human leader, Ben (Zach Galifinakis), sends them on an unauthorized mission to investigate home electronics and appliances magnate Leonard Saber (Bill Nighy), a mission that results in them bringing back information that turns out to be useless, G-Force ends up disbanded and split up after being sent to a pet shop. Eventually managing to escape and reunite, the team now has to both prove themselves and find a way to expose that something really is going on.

As mentioned the movie seems to be a spoof of spy films, and perhaps even The A-Team, since the plot does involve the main characters being discredited and later pursued by the FBI as they try to prove themselves. Given the movie is aimed towards kids, the main intent is for the film to be funny, with no one really being hurt or getting killed (there is a scene where Speckles seems to be killed, but that’s about it and, of course, it isn’t even graphic or involves guns). So really, it isn’t all that different from other films of this type, like Spy Kids or, most obviously, Cats & Dogs. The only difference with this movie is that the animals, while kept secret, work with humans rather than being in a secret war with one another.

Probably the only thing that doesn’t quite work for this movie is that its live-action, save for the animals being CGI. I can’t help but wonder if the movie would’ve worked better if the whole movie was done in CGI-animation, similar to movies like The Bee Movie or The Incredibles. Given the comedy elements and the roles the animals play, it might’ve worked better, especially with the human characters by giving them a cartoony design. If anything, it might have made seem a bit less ridiculous.

G-Force isn’t too bad of a movie, definitely good for the kids and okay for parents to watch with them. But for a single person without kids looking for a good action-comedy, it may be worth looking at once, but that may be it.

Wow, this one shines in blu-ray 3d as there are plenty of moments that have allowed it to do the old one-two 3d punch effect. The video quality is great with this 1080p transfer that more or less is the same as the previous blu-ray release in regards to the blu-ray itself. The 3d blu-ray portion definitely shows that Disney can take a film not originally intended for 3d and really make it pop. Plenty of eye candy popping moments to boot.

G-Force comes your way and across your home theater set up with a DTS HD Master 5.1 audio track that is sure to please all the little G-fans. Of course your front tower speakers will carry the bulk of the load with the center channel complimenting. However, for those without HD-audio the sound when tested was still sharper than that of the dvd release. This is the blu-ray 3d edition, and with that being said if you have blu-ray 3d capabilities you more than likely have invested in a receiver with HD audio decoding ability. G-Force rocks when the sub goes in to action and overall I really have no complaints about this audio transfer. There a few instances where I felt the mix could have been a little tighter, but seriously this is a kids movie and they won’t ever notice that.

Not a whole lot of extras here, but certainly more than Meet the Robinsons. Ultimately the main reason you’re getting this edition should be for the inclusion of the blu-ray 3d. That being said, these supplements definitely suffice.

Cine-Explore mode
Inside the Animation Lab
Deleted Scenes
Blaster’s Boot Camp
G-Force Mastermind
Bruckheimer Animated
Music Videos

The video quality and audio quality on this release are definitely Disney quality. The film itself is a fun film that the entire family can sit through and share some laughs. The edition comes with a lenticular slipcover promoting the 3d blu-ray at time of writing. In addition it has a nice bit of extras that will definitely keep the kids at bay for a good hour on a rainy day. Get this blu-ray 3d if your a fan of the film and have your ultimate G-Force blu-ray. This edition comes with the blu-ray 3d version and a dvd copy for portability.

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