Kinect star wars

At E3 last year, Microsoft introduced Kinect Star wars and the excitement was explosive. You are a young Jedi referred to as a Padawan learner, and are new to the Star wars universe. This is a completely controller free game and is exclusive to the Xbox 360. The release date is currently April 3rd, 2012 and Microsoft is also releasing an exclusive star wars themed console.

The player uses their hands and gestures to operate the game such as picking up and throwing objects, lightsaber battles and movement such as walking and running. The player also can manipulate controls on vehicles in game and voice commands for various other controls.

The storyline is during the prequel film trilogy and ends during Episode 3. It is broken into sections or highlights of various moments in the saga. The include

Jedi Destiny: Gamers are the various Jedi padawans trying to help stop the forces of the Dark Side.

Rancor Rampage: Gamers play as the infamous Rancor with gameplay focused on destroying the area.

Podracing: racing and moving up in the world of pod racers.

Galactic Dance-off: Players can dance against Princess Leia and other characters. Singing modern songs with star wars lyrics.

Duels of Fate: A lightsaber dueling mode where the player duels against various opponents, and eventually fights Darth Vader.

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