A reboot of a tactical shooter from a PC game in ’93, Syndicate was changed to a first person shooter. Available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (PS3), and PC, this is a perfect example of what EA is capable of in this genre.

The player can virtually exist in both the physical and digital world. The player has the ability to see through walls, hack into networks with precision and infiltrate rival corporations or “syndicates”. The network the player taps into is called the Dartspace data network. There they can also hack into enemies and make them do different things to help achieve their goal. There is the backfire option which causes the enemy’s weapon to explode and stuns them, suicide where the enemy kills themselves and also damages surrounding enemies, and persuade which makes the enemy become an ally.

There is a single player campaign and a four-player coop that is slightly different than the single. The online/offline multiplayer is in segments where the players get time to resupply and compose themselves. The player gains xp points healing fellow players, kill numbers, and completing the various match objectives.

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