Wolverine Legendary Scale Figure from Side Show Collectibles

Just Recently the pre-order has gone up for one hell of an awesome looking Wolverine figure. I say figure, but perhaps statue is a better word. This thing is close to 4 feet tall! Some of his counterparts in the line up are just that. (4 ft.) This piece is part of the Legendary Scale Collection where pretty much everything is 1/2 scale. Anything that is “Legendary” from Side Show Collectibles also comes with a “Legendary” price tag as this bad both clocks in at $2,000. However for those not able to throw down 2 G’s at a given moment can sign up for the Flex Pay option that Side Show provides and pay monthly up until release.

Check out the Legendary Scale Wolverine figure from Side Show Collectibles below. Oh, and try to not drool on your keyboard!

Product Purchase Page for Wolverine Legendary Scale


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Product Purchase Page for Wolverine Legendary Scale

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