Iron Man Legendary Scale Figure from Side Show Collectibles

I Am Iron Man!

Why yes you are! Side Show Collectibles unveiled this behemoth at Comic Con showing off their prototypes of a few from the Legendary Scale line which is pretty much 1/2 scale. Iron Man stands 4 feet tall, and has some INCREDIBLE detail. Sure to be a center point to anyone’s home theater, man cave, lady lair etc! The arc reactor plugs in and lights up and this line is extremely limited.

The perfect companion to all those Iron Man Steelbook owners out there. 😉 Though something from SideShow deemed as Legendary sure brings upon a legendary price tag. Right under $2,000 Iron Man is clocking in at $1949. Flex Pay option does allow you to make monthly payments however.

Much like the Legendary Wolverine Scale Figure this one too is total Drool worthy! Hell, all in this line are!

Product Purchase Page – Iron Man Legendary Scale


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Product Purchase Page – Iron Man Legendary Scale

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