The Avengers – Hawkeye Is Next In Line – Hot Toys Collectible – And a Bane Reference?

The Avengers is headed to theaters shortly and on the boot hills of it will be the toy line from renowned Hot Toys. Nick Fury has already gone up for pre-order with an anticipated June release date. Next up it seems will be Hawkeye which has been teased, and already known is that a new rendition of Captain America, Thor and Iron Man will be coming. Oh and that green guy too. :p

Product Purchase Page for Nick Fury Avengers

Now what may be oddest of all, and perhaps just a screw up on Sideshow’s behalf is that when hovering over the Hawkeye picture the image tag says “Bane Tease”. (see images below) Did some one let the cat out the bag? Sounds like a Bane figure might be on the horizon. 😉

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