Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai Play.com Exclusive Blu-ray

Set to release on May 7th, this Play.com Exclusive comes to blu-ray from the legendary director of Asian cinema Takashi Miike. 13 Assassins was his last outing which was a great film in my honest opinion and for the low price of £10.99 you can snatch this one up.

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Takashi Miike (13 Assassins, Audition) brings a classic tale of love, honour and revenge amidst the fall of the Samurai in 17th Century Japan. Seeking a noble end, poverty-stricken Samurai Hanshiro requests to commit ritual suicide at the House of Liu, run by headstrong Kageyu. But after being told a tragic story of another Samurai’s agonizing suicide, that of Hanshiro’s close friend Motome, Hanshiro sets in a motion a tense showdown of vengeance against the house of this feudal lord.

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