Iron Maiden En Vivo! Live in Santiago at the Estadio Olimpico

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“This band has never and will never stop rocking!”

With “Satellite 15” pulsing in the background, En Vivo! opens with the sped up film of building the stage in Santiago, Chilé in the famous Estadio Nacional! Fueled by 50,000 insane fans, they take the stage and start their set off with “The Final Frontier” and you already know that Iron Maiden is going to blow this place up!

The concert was filmed during the 2011 The Final Frontier World Tour on April 10th.
In filming the video, the crew used 22 HD cameras and an octocam, which is a flying camera to capture aerial crowd scenes. This was to get a diverse video with a lot of the crowd, being that it was 50,000 strong, as well as the artists.

Current Band Members
Steve Harris (bass and backing vocals)
Dave Murray (lead and rhythm guitars)
Adrian Smith (lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals)
Bruce Dickinson (lead vocals)
Nicko McBrain (drums and percussion section)
Janick Gers (lead and rhythm guitars)

Knowing the concert was being filmed, Eddie the Head made it to the performance in a special shipping container even though he wasn’t due to join the tour until the European leg of the tour.

The steelbook
I’m reviewing the steelbook version of the concert which can barely contain the band. It’s a 2 disc, G1 DVD, Limited Edition Case. The case has smooth, glossy finish with a wide shot of the concert on the front with a huge image of Eddie. Inside art has another wide shot of the concert. The back has a description of the concert, a live picture of the band, the set list and specs to the DVD.

The concert itself in a single word: awesome. Iron Maiden has always brought such an energy to the stage the pumps up the crowd and the band feeds off of that. Even on DVD, the video looks great. Probably due to the case and mastering put into it from all of the video that was taken. There was very little black crushing opened no major artifacts that I saw. I watched this on a Samsung 55″ 1080p LCD with a 120mhz refresh rate. It was also in a Sony blu-ray player witch upscaled the video to a nice 1080p.

The audio is encoded from the original digital track used specifically to make this video. There are several options on the DVD discs: PCM stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, surround sound, and DTS 5.1 audio surround sound. It sounds amazing. It is clear and incredibly well done for the DVD format. The band doesn’t overpower the crowd sounds and the DTS 5.1 separates the channels so that you’re hearing every single instrument. With that being said, this band really rocks out and this DVD is both loud and clear.

Edition Details
2 DVD Discs

Disc 1
(run time approximately 120 mins.)
1. Satellite 15
2. The Final Frontier
3. El Dorado
4. 2 Minutes To Midnight
5. The Talisman
6. Coming Home
7. Dance Of Death
8. The Trooper
9. The Wicker Man

Disc 2
1. Blood Brothers
2. When The Wild Wind Blows
3. The Evil That Men Do
4. Fear Of The Dark
5. Iron Maiden
6. The Number Of The Beast
7. Hallowed Be Thy Name
8. Running Free

Bonus Disc- Behind the Beast (run time approximately 102 mins.)
Behind The Beast documentary
Satellite 15…The Final Frontier promo video (director s cut)
The Making of Satellite 15…The Final Frontier promo
The Final Frontier World Tour Show Intro

This is an excellently mastered DVD. I don’t think the producers could’ve picked a better show to make the video of. A large, beautiful venue with filled with die hard latino fans who are ready to get crazy. The audio and video are excellent. This band has never and will never stop rocking! I highly recommend that if you listen to music, go out and pick this up, or Eddie might come to find you.

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