Operation raccoon city

Operation raccoon city is the first squad based shooter in the series. It is avaiable for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (360), and the PC. it has been released in a regular and special edition but only available on the consoles.

The Special Edition includes:
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City game
Steelbook with exclusive artwork
Spec Ops Field Unit embroidered patch and a Umbrella Security Service embroidered patch
8 bonus weapons
Stylized foil sleeve

It is very different take on the incident in raccoon city. There are 2 squads with 6 playable characters on each side. One side is called the Umbrella Security Team and the other is the United States Special Ops team. On the Umbrella Security Service team is:
Lupo: team leader
Vector: the team’s recon expert and is equipped with a cloaking ability;
Beltway: explosives
Spectre: the marksman;
Bertha: the medic;
Four Eyes: the scientist

On the United States Special Ops team there is:
Dee-Ay: team leader
Party Girl: sniper.
Harley:the medic
Willow:recon expert;
Tweed: demolitions expert;
Shona: field scientist

The campaign offers both a single and four-player coop modes putting the Spec ops team against the Umbrella’s security service. There Are the classic enemies from the series including the zombies, hunters and lickers. There is a mode called the hero mode where you play as a classic character from the series online as a multiplayer.
Also, exclusive to the Xbox 360 is a mode called the Nemesis Mode which the player can be the Nemesis monster

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