Max Payne 3

Rocksteady is releasing the third installment to one of the highest regarded shooters ever, Max Payne 3. It will be available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (PS3), and the PC but the PS3 will be releasing a Special Edition. The Special Edition version contains exclusive physical and digital items used in-game. The release dates for the consoles and PC differ slightly as the console’s release date is May 15th and May 29th for the PC.

The gameplay itself has some aspects which are the same but there are also some very drastic changes. It is played in the third-person view with a new cover system being seen in more games and it has an over-the-shoulder zoom. Also, a “last man standing” mechanic has been integrated into the game. This gives Max a chance to revive if he kills the enemy that gave him the wounding shot. Rocksteady also did away with any loading screens to make a smooth transition from scene to scene. They made the cutscenes interactive as well.

A few classic features are making their way back into the game and one of them is “bullet-time”. This is where time slows down and you watch each bullet that takes down an enemy. The shoot-dodge is also making it into the new game. This is where the player, after using bullet time to dive and shoot in the desired direction, can then shoot while on the ground in 360 degrees.

Also new to this sequel is a multiplayer. It will change between matches to keep things fresh and less repetitious.

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