Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon: future soldier

Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon: future soldier

Coveted as one of the best military shooters, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is taking gamers to the next level. It is releasing on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (PS3) on May 22nd and the PC on June 12th. It is a third-person, cover-based shooter aside from aiming down sights and through weapon optics where it changes to first-person. With realistic environments that can be destroyed in battle, it keeps the action going by forcing the player to adjust cover spots. Also, to maintain a realism, players will have a hard time with accurate return fire during suppressed fire because of shake cameras and field of vision becoming blurry.

Another new feature is the introduction of “optical camouflage” that allows the team to become harder to see. To simplest way to compare it is to the camouflage from the Predator series. It only remains active when the soldier remains in a low profile. As soon as the player fires their weapon or moves too fast, the camouflage deactivates. One note from the game designers is that it will not act as a true invisibility cloak due to it not working properly when the ghost is too close to the target or enemies.

One notable change is that the player will not micromanage the team aside from telling the team to focus on an area or specific target. This means it is not a squad based shooter any more but focusing more on controlling your own actions. They will, however be able to control drones in the game. Drones that have been confirmed in game are the War Hound and Drone Crawler. The War Hound can be used as portable cover and is a huge, walking robot. The Drone Crawler is a drone which can be landed and drive around into battle areas.

Due to high demand of gamers wanting to customize every aspect of their soldier, Ubisoft introduced the Gunsmith. It is exactly what it sounds like, it as a space for players to not only customize this weapons but also try them out in a shooting range and adjust as needed. It is available for both the single and multiplayer game modes.
Exclusive to the Xbox is the use of voice commands and gestures to customize the weapons.

As far as games modes, future soldier offers several modes including both competitive and cooperative. The campaign itself can be played as either single or cooperative as well as a wave-based mode called Guerrilla mode.

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